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The Bridge
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A community for all the star trek geeks in the world. So if you like star trek and you wanna say somthing , post pictures , or movie/show info , then here's the place for it.

Maintained by : the_j_la

Dont harass people, you do and i'll stab you in the face with a saudering iron.
captain kirk, captain picard, captain pike, chekov, data, data's construction, engage, engineering, enterprise (the starships), first contact, gene rodenberry, holodeck, james horner, kang, khan, klingon, la forge, mind melding, romulans, scotty, shuttle craft, spock, star trek, star trek ds9, star trek enterprise, star trek movie series, star trek tng, star trek voyager, starfleet academy, sulu, the borg, the botany bay, the genesis project, the nexus, the slingshot effect, time travel, video games, visor, vulcans, warp drive technology, worf, worfs' puberty