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La Chica Loca

I must ask...

I tuned in to watch the Enterprise finale (and the second to last episode) mainly becasue of the hyped cameos with Jonathan Frakes/Marina Sirtis. While I won't go as far as saying "That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back," I had mixed feelings over it.

So here's my main problems with the finale:
  • The holodeck usage: It wasn't all that horrifying but it took away the signicance of the finale's events. It could have been worse, at least the holodeck functioned throughout the entire episode :)

  • Riker's "dilemna": Riker's reason for visiting this particular holodeck scenario was to hash out his issues over how the Pegasas incident was handled. Um, wasn't this all done before? A new issue would have been more interesting. Also, the actors are a lot would have made more sense to show TNG characters post-Nemesis.

  • The fact the show couldn't make me 'care' about what happened. A major character died in such a pointless way, I just sort of sat there and shrugged. I think a bigger response was evoked when I read a recent Trek novel that killed off one of the main characters from DS9.

    I considered writing a "full review" ala Jammer's Reviews but that would require accessing more memories of the episode that I don't care to/completely forgot in the course of a good night's sleep.

    That said, any thoughts on the last possible Star Trek episode ever?
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