La Chica Loca (acidcookiegirl) wrote in the_bridge,
La Chica Loca

Random Observation

So last night, I'm watching a rerun of The Practice and it's one of the episodes that introduces the characters from the spinoff Boston Legal. There were several Star Trek veterans! Obviously, William Shatner was among them. As I'm watching one of the characters had a very familiar look (and voice about him). It was Andrew Robinson sans Cardassian makeup! (you might better recall him as Garak from DS9) Rene Auberjonois (Odo from DS9) also joined the cast of Boston Legal once the show got off the ground. *Shrugs* so while I've come to enjoy the show on its own...I admit I started watching Boston Legal because the main cast includes 2 former Trek actors. So I'd say if anyone wants to see Trek actors currently working, it's a show to check out.


Anyone else ever watch a show simply because it had Trek actors you liked?
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