Sophie (vgrbabe) wrote in the_bridge,

I've posted this question in a couple other communities and I havent gotten any answers, so I'm hoping somebody here will know because this is driving me crazy....

I was making these

Voyager is long distance love

B'Elanna is half-Klingon love

codes in the cut if you want it

<*center><*a href=""><*img src="" border="0"><*br>Voyager is long distance love<*/a><*/center>

<*center><*a href=""><*img src="" border="0"><*br>B'Elanna is half-Klingon love<*/a><*/center>

Dont forget to take out the *'s

And while I was looking for the pictures I came across some that I just can't remember what episode they were from. According to the captions, what happens is a console explodes in engineering causing B'Elanna to go to sick bay. Theres a bunch of pictures of her with her face all burned and the doctor trying to revive her. Theres a picture that has her all burned up laying on a bed looking up at someone and the caption says "B'Elanna telling Harry he almost killed her". After that there's a couple picture of her in a blue sickbay shirt thing laying down and you can see someones shoulder standing who is wearing gold. I cant remember what episode thats from, and its driving me crazy, if anyone can help id be very grateful.
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